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Hi there,

This is the place where I share my learnings, reflect on my experiences, celebrate my accomplishments, and decompress.

You can find my professional information, resume, project summaries and general bragging rights here.

If that’s not what you’re after, you can dig into some of my content or maybe figure out the answer to that nagging question, “who the heck is Mike Bal?!” here.

Some Thoughts

  • Products, Projects, and Programs

    Products, Projects, and Programs

    When you think about the end result, these are three very different things. A Product… Is something people use or experience. A Project… is something you complete. A Program… is a series of steps and milestones that you work through to achieve an outcome. What’s interesting is that you need the same foundational set of…

  • Getting to market vs entering the market

    Getting to market vs entering the market

    While it’s important to look at your existing customers for insights and growth opportunities, it’s also important to look at the market and the customers you don’t have. It’s not uncommon for a business to have a core customer segment that plateaus or even starts to shrink — especially in tech. When this happens, we…

  • Rethinking Data Collection To Avoid Heartbreak

    Rethinking Data Collection To Avoid Heartbreak

    This is very much a post for myself to log my thoughts and learnings as I continue to take on new projects and opportunities that require me to work new mental muscles. tl;dr – We need to be very aware and intentional about what data we collect about our users. Not just for the sake…

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