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GDPR Friendly Implementation of Google Analytics

If you haven’t dove head first into the ever-changing world of data regulations, data compliance, and general data management you might be feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to confidently tracking any kind of insights or analytics on your user’s behavior or interactions with your digital platforms. My anxiety started to accruing at a […]

Go + CoBlocks for WordPress

When I was still in the Director of Client Delivery role, I had the chance to oversee a really cool project that we worked on with GoDaddy. The idea was to build a theme framework that leveraged Gutenberg and GoDaddy’s recently acquired CoBlocks, ultimately producing a very flexible theme that makes it easy for anyone […]

Google News Initiative Ad Revenue Lab

Almost a year ago, 10up was approached with an idea to run a lab to help evaluate, test, and establish a set of best practices for hyper-local publishers to optimize their revenue. (10up’s post here) One of the coolest challenges of this project for me was to step away from the normal project/platform delivery processes […]