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To Live Boldly

I’m actually having a lot of fun with this whole #Bloganuary thing. that’s me as a writer and general person, not even me as the guy working on the team who put it together. Today’s prompt “above” is “What does it mean to live boldly?”. I think of being bold as having confidence in knowing […]

Drums: How To Play A Groove In 13/8

If you play music, specifically drums, you’ll appreciate this. That being said, I have had some crazy time signatures to play along to. This one is three measures of seven followed by a measure of 6 or you could say 14 and then 13 But seriously though… nobody’s gunna shake their booty to 13/8.

Making A Beast of Yourself

He who makes a beast of himself relieves himself the pain of being a man. Hunter S. Thompson I wouldn’t say I feel the “pain” of being a (hu)man but there’s definitely a lot to process on a daily basis normally — not to mention in times of chaos on uncertainty. This is why I make sure to […]

Album Art – Creative “Process”

Sometime around 2016, before “The Force Awakens” was released I started on a new music project with my long time (musical) partner in crime Tom Hummer. Several years prior, when we were in a band together called Thoughts of Crossing, we had made a joke about starting a Star Wars-themed band called “The Han Solo […]

Go + CoBlocks for WordPress

When I was still in the Director of Client Delivery role, I had the chance to oversee a really cool project that we worked on with GoDaddy. The idea was to build a theme framework that leveraged Gutenberg and GoDaddy’s recently acquired CoBlocks, ultimately producing a very flexible theme that makes it easy for anyone […]

The Ninja Course

We recently-ish moved to Urbandale, IA to save my wife from an unnecessary commute. At our old house, we had several large trees in the backyard that we used to set up some fun things for our kids. The new house was an upgrade in many ways, but we don’t have any trees, so we […]